Reasons Why Your Vape Keeps Overheating

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Your Amman vape is designed to get hot because of the battery that supplies energy to your
coil. A part of this energy turns into heat, which creates the vapor you inhale from the
mouthpiece. It takes most people some time to get used to it. However, people who are Jordan
vaping for the first time might worry about their device getting hot. Especially when your finger
drifts up to the base of the tank, and you feel like you touched a hair straightener while it is still
plugged in. Noticing this excess heat is also unnerving because there have been many cases of
exploding e-cigarettes. It is best not to panic if you are using a regulated mod with electrical
protection and not a mechanical device.

Why Your Vape Gets Too Hot and How to Cool It Down
If you do not take too many hits and your Amman vape feels hot after each time, there might
be some gunk around the coil that is preventing it from soaking enough e-juice. This overheats
the coil and creates more energy than your device can absorb, and this increases the
temperature fast. Then you will experience some very unsatisfying dry hits because the wick is
not saturated with e-juice enough, causing it to burn. The fastest way to cool the device is to
get a new coil. If you want to keep using the old one, then you might have to clean around it to
remove the gunk and residue. Soaking the coil in some warm water is the best way to break
down the gunk and then let the device dry.

Aside from gunk around your coil, your e-juice might still be restricted because of the thickness
of the liquid. E-juices with a higher VG are thicker than those with more PG, which can cause
some issues with wicking. If this happens, you should open the liquid flow control of the tank by
opening the back of your Amman vape. In some cases, with high VG e-juices, you might notice a
lot of dry hits and heat when you are Jordan vaping. This means that your tank is unable to
handle the load, and you should swap to a sub-ohm tank if you want to use the same e-juice
instead of opting for one with less VG. Most of the time, the coil and wick are burnt and need to
be replaced to avoid overheating.

At times, the wattage might be too high, or your coil may produce a lot of heat. This is common
for Amman vape devices with higher power and coils with more metal to heat. The best thing to
do in this case is to take a break from Jordan vaping to let your device cool down naturally. A
brief pause between hits should be enough. Alternatively, you can open the airflow, which
allows cooler air from outside to mix with the vaporized e-juice. Your Amman vape device
might have airflow slots on the mouthpiece, which is very useful to cool the vapor down.

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