Popular Myths About Turkey Vaping and Whether They Are True or False

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There is often a lot of negative publicity when it comes to enjoying an Istanbul vape. Many people believe that it encourages younger people to smoke and is more harmful than cigarettes when it comes to causing various lung diseases. After all, there have been several cases of hospitalized users in the United States who obtained unlicensed and unsafe products via social media. With so many myths out there, one can only wonder which are true or false. Is Turkey vaping more dangerous than cigarettes? Does E-juice contain harmful toxins? Find out all the answers below that will help you debunk many dumbfounded myths about vaping. 

Are Vapes Regulated or Unregulated? 

Some believe that Turkey vaping products are not regulated enough to give everybody peace of mind when it comes to safety. You may have heard horror stories about things like “Popcorn lung,” so it is natural to worry about what chemicals you are ingesting into your lungs. E-cigarettes and everything related to Turkey vaping is regulated by the FDA with strict standards that all manufacturers must follow to adhere to health and safety regulations. Users are not recommended to purchase unregulated products on social media platforms or create their own e-juice concoctions at home without extensive experience. 

Do E-Cigarettes Produce Smoke Like Regular Cigarettes? 

This is one of the biggest false myths when people talk about Turkey vaping. Unlike traditional cigarettes, your Istanbul vape does not produce any smoke because there is no combustion at all. Electronic cigarettes only emit water vapor that smells a lot better than any smoke coming out of a cigarette or cigar. The vapor produced by e-cigarettes does not linger on your clothes or furniture, and you do not have to worry about endangering others with second-hand smoke. 

Is Turkey Vaping Good for The Environment?

Turkey vaping is very eco-friendly compared to smoking cigarettes. Each year, smokers around the world litter the earth with over 4.5 trillion cigarette butts. When you enjoy an Istanbul vape, you will never have to worry about disposing away any cigarette butts. Your device has a rechargeable and reusable battery that can also be recycled. Therefore, Turkey vaping does not have such a negative impact on the environment like traditional tobacco products. 

Do Vapes Also Contain Nicotine?

Electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine like regular cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes get their nicotine derived from tobacco plants. Whereas, you can taper down the nicotine level to whatever you like while Turkey vaping. With so many available e-juices, you can choose a specific nicotine strength, or even go for zero-nicotine to gradually cut your dependence on the chemical. It is essential to note that a hit from an Istanbul vape is not the same as smoking a cigarette. Turkey vaping involves an atomizer that heats e-juice to convert water into vapor, while cigarettes rely on combustion to create smoke full of toxic chemicals.

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